Meet the Urban Nomad, the electrical bike trailer with a flexible personality.

  • Transport anything
    Thanks to the handy and flexible design you can transport nearly anything; be it groceries, luggage, your favourite pet, skateboard or music instrument.


  • Feel the click
    All it takes is one click to hook up the Urban Nomad to any bike, and you are on your way.
  • Electrical
    The built in electro engine supports you on your ride; you won’t feel you are transporting a load. 


  • Durable
    The Urban Nomad is a product designed and manufactured by The Opportunity Factory. As all our products the Urban Nomad is durable, preserving value, repairable and individually adaptable. 


122,8 cm x 64,9 cm x 59,2 cm


20 kg


7 Ah / 36 V / LiMnO2


250 W brushless dc


support up to 18 km/h


30 km (with pedalling)

Load capacity

up to 30 kg