A real opportunity factory


The Opportunity Factory is a Belgian based company with a passion for designing and developing sustainable products. 

We like to...

be sustainable.
We create sustainable products and this creates opportunities for a new generation of entrepreneurs and local enterprises. Our prime focus lies on mobility.  Our products are sustainable, easy to repair, upgradable and individually adaptable.

create opportunities.
It is in our genes to look at problems as opportunities. We think of solutions by using our imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship. Via a network of cooperative members we look for new opportunities and solutions.

be creative.
The Opportunity Factory wants to offer an inspiring creative environment for entrepreneurs with a passion for product creation and the belief we can change the world. Our organisational model is as flat as possible. We want people to work on what they are passionate about and co-create cool products. 

solve problems.
Through our products our customers will be able to solve day-to-day problems themselves.  All our products will be in line with our values: honest and fair (for everyone in the value chain), simple, innovative, keeping value through time, sustainable, repairable and customisable.

...What about you?

Does this appeal to you?
Our cooperative members are conscious people who approach challenges in a fundamentally positive way. Does this appeal to you? Do you share our passion to create sustainable products? Are you feeling an itch to become an entrepreneur, but you prefer doing things as part of a team? Do you want to work independently while still being able to rely on a strong supporting organization? Does co-creation and working in a network of entrepreneurs sound like music to your ears?

Then join us!
Any EU citizen older than 18 years who shares our dreams and values can become a cooperative member. Together with you we determine whether there is a fit and whether there is currently a role that you can take up and that we can support you in. We are also open for legal entities (established in the EU) to join this cooperative enterprise as active shareholder.