I like it when things are different or even a bit weird

For me The Opportunity Factory is about people coming together, sharing dreams and working together to makes those dreams a reality. It can be about continuous radical innovation. It can be about bringing great affordable products to the market that help people get more control on their environmental impact. It can be about creating opportunities for young people and not accepting the notion of a lost generation. All of these are meaningful dreams that can have a big impact if they get realised. I joined in the effort of setting up The Opportunity Factory, because I believe these dreams can be realised when a diverse group of driven and talented people works together.

I think the founding team put in time, energy and money to create a biotope that will attract a very diverse range of species: conscious consumers, creative people, talented engineers, great marketeers, conscious entrepreneurs… Some of these people will work only shortly in this biotope and others will be in for a longer journey, but they will all have an impact of the development of The Opportunity Factory. And The Opportunity Factory will realise many of the dreams and have a positive impact on society.

In setting up and running this company we end up doing things differently and often a bit weird. This not our goal, but a result of focussing on paradigm shifts and on maximizing social impact in a sustainable way instead of maximizing the bottom line. I have to admit that I like it when things are different or even a bit weird.



Founding PARTNER