The Magic all around us is. One must only open the eyes.

Darkness and light in balance, must be … Times dark are, you think? The more opportunities are to forge better world, with friendship and knowledge. Complaining about problems on this planet, hmmm... very human ... hmmm...working on solutions, the path of enlightenment is. Unleash the good potential of the future now, the mission of an engineer is too. Designing, producing great things, with love and respect for all, written in my mantra is. “The Opportunity Factory”, hmmm... good place for new visions, inspiring people too.

I shall meditate on this...


Sorry, I speak like this, only while in my creative mode. Otherwise, I'm a complete normal engineer, lightly obsessed with electronics and other cool stuff. It can be contagious and the symptoms never completely disappears, but it is not lethal …

By the way I'm also very fund of saving our planet from climate change, greed, sadness and the return of Elvis. I'm myself very ecological minded, biological and 100% biodegradable.



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